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A20labs employs university educated and board certified engineers that have been building commercial and home MMJ grow systems for years.     Our yields, efficiency, cost, and customer rated product quality are among the highest in the MMJ industry.     If you are building a one room home grow or a 500+ plant multi-strain continuous production system our engineers will assist you with ALL aspects of the planning, financing, construction, and ongoing management including: site selection, security systems, concealment systems, regulatory adherence, HVAC, CO2, electrical, water/plumbing systems, nutrients systems, soils, process management, genetics selection, pest control, staff selection, and cost containment.     Your business success will be the focus of custom designing a grow operation for YOUR unique budgetary constraints.   We will also provide sources for obtaining equipment, genetics, and materials that save you MONEY.


Our Experience


The emerging MMJ industry in the US is replete with misinformation, bad science, and inefficient process engineering.  Our engineering team has been designing six sigma quality in mission critical industrial processes since 1983 at companies like International Harvester and Hewlett Packard.    We have built an array of home based grow operations and have delivered large industrial grow operations that produce world class quality on a continuous flow basis across dozens of strains (as well as the product variants those strains result like infused products/keef/hash).   We are involved in all aspects of the industry from state regulations, to seed, to satisfied patients on a daily basis.   As such, we are uniquely qualified to help prospective growers to cut through the “BS” and achieve optimum results out-of-the-gate and on a budget.  


Our Specialties


·        Commercial Quality Growing Systems:  Dual redundant and fault tolerant systems for all stages of growing for HVAC, lighting, CO2, and dehumidification systems ultimately ensuring that plants see a perfect growing environment.   This provides a consistent flow of world class medicine to patients at all times.


·         Sealed Clean Room Growing: Sealed clean rooms insure the grow operation are virtually pest and disease free. This ensures highly consistent quality and potency.  No human hands need ever touch a plant in it's production life-cycle.


·         Proprietary Lighting Systems:  A proprietary mix of lighting technology has proven to increase potency and ensure a gentle experience for patients who smoke.


·         Proprietary Atmospheric and Nutrient System:  Computer controlled and highly tuned atmospheric conditions along with custom blended nutrients should be used across the growth cycle to increase potency and expand the spectrum of psychotropic compounds produced in plants.  


How We Can Help

A20labs flexibly provides consulting and management service throughout the lifecycle of a grow operation on either a time/materials or fix cost basis.  Project stages where A20labs may provide assistance:

·         Phase 1: Grow operation business and product planning.

·         Phase 2: Process requirements planning, budgeting, and financing to achieve stated business objectives.

·         Phase 3: Site selection, architecture, equipment selection, and build-out project planning.

·         Phase 4: Acquisition of materials, site construction, and process testing/verification.

·         Phase 5: Startup including genetics acquisition, staffing, and early product quality evaluation.

Phase 6: Steady state process consulting to mitigate
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