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BruceSprings Writes:    I switched to A20labs just recently, because I think that the delivery based caregiver system is the ONLY way to receive my mmj.   I got turned onto A20labs by an independent source called the StrainMan - who does strain reviews. - he gave them a very positive review.    I admit the pricing will get your attention; but the quality of the mmj will really knock your socks off!    ....MOST Excellent!!
BudtooBee Writes: My wife and I are professionals with kids that also need to treat our conditions with occational MMJ (I have back pain and my wife experiances severe headaches).     This said, the privacy and secrecy of obtaining our medicine is one of our top priorities.   These guys get it.   Its about trust.
HazyBrew Writes:  A20 is the best quality for the best price that I have found. I became a patient in July and live in the Fort. I have only been to a dozen or so dispensaries in the area and paid too much money for inconsistent quality. Some good some bad. I love the home care service. I dont want to announce to everyone that I am a patient and thats what I feel like I do when I walk into a dispensary in a public place or on a busy street. I suggest that you do the math. $14 a gram comes to $392 an ounce. That is usually bottom shelf. Top shelf is usually $18 to $20 a gram. You will not pay over $300 an ounce at A20Labs. It is very HIGH quality medication! 
JMJEND Writes:  Being a patient within Colorado has been very tough. I have been to several dispensaries within Colorado Springs and Fort Collins and not one of them had quality meds. Finding quality meds at a reasonable price is extremely hard to do when dispensaries are charging up to $600 an ounce. Thankfully a friend turned me on to A20 labs, and I signed my caregiver form over about 5 months ago. I am getting World Class meds at $290 an ounce. The consistent quality is worth a mention as well. Just about every two weeks they have new medication in and the quality is always AMAZING! They are a home care service that delivers statewide, which means I never have to leave when I am in pain to get my medication. They drive right to me, and are very professional in every aspect. They truly care about the patient and always strive for the best possible experience for me.    On a side note, the first time I picked up a half ounce from them, I got a free 1/8th!
ColoradoMeds Writes:  To all you colorado patients, I have been a patient for almost three years, I have been to many many dispensaries, I can say with the utmost ceartainty that A20 labs has not only the best medcine around i'm talking connoisseur quality, they dont even allow human hands to come in contact with the medcine until you get it, truly organic and rare gentics, and their delivery service is out of sight they arrive dressed professionaly for all those in need of discretion, they"ll let you sample the meds as well and they also have thc readouts and charts for every strain they carry i mean who really out there can top that? i mean they do everything right and they actually care about the patients they're not ripping them off and that's character and integrity in my opinion there's no better caregiver service and that's coming from a patient who's seen the best and worse in the mmj community in this area.
CruzingKush Writes:  Ive been using for my cronic pain since 1992. These guys truly care about their patients above all and fully support the movement here in Colorado. They grow all thier own Meds right here in CO and engineer their own strains. Every single order I have recieved has been super cronic (the best of the best of the best). The price for the quality can not be touched anywhere in Colorado and it appears they are commited to keeping it that way. The home care service is totaly private/discrete and has been a delight to work with.
GreenLife Writes:  I've been a patient under A20 labs for 3 months and i have never been disappointed with the qualtiy of meds. Deffinately the best herb for $300 an oz.  
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