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Excellence in Medical Care
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Privacy/Confidentiality/Security: Many medical marijuana patients desire complete privacy regarding their treatment regime and thus, do not enjoy visiting traditional dispensaries or growing their own medication.    A20labs is focused on providing discrete, private, and confidential in-home delivery/caregiver services to meet the needs of these patients.  


 In-Home Services: A20labs only provides complete in-home caregiver services including assistance with mobility issues, setting up home grow operations, on-going consultation on optimal treatment regimes, pickup and delivery of medicine, et. al..   Wrap-around services are customized to each patient and specifically for disabled patients.




Hours of Operation:  The office is open 9AM to 7PM Monday through Friday, 9-6 Saturday.  


First Objective: In the early lifecycle of your relationship with A20labs we seek to establish a long term treatment program for your unique health concerns/objectives.   This program seeks to match strains (and strain rotation), the use of edibles, as well as the use of other holistic treatments that complement the lifestyle, history, and treatment needs of each patient.  This program and its ongoing refinement is a key element of providing our patients service excellence.


Initial Consult: If you are a licensed medical marijuana patient, the first in-home consultation will review your medical history as well as servics and products that will be optimal in treating your medical condition.   The process of tracking your treatment progress will also begin.   If you are seeking to become a licensed patient, A20labs personnel will council you on all aspects of becoming a legal patient along with the most effective methods for treating conditions. 

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Obtain a Medical Marijuana License: A20labs personal are experts in guiding patents through the process of obtaining licensure in the state of Colorado as a medical marijuana patient.  


Debilitating Illnesses: A20labs provides complete "wrap-around" in home caregiver services to ensure that patients with debilitating illnesses have nearly round-the-clock access to medication.


Illness Targeted Product Development: A20labs is constantly striving to improve the fundamental effectiveness of our patients treatment regimes with new strains of medical marijuana and supporting products.  


Ancillary Services:  A20labs also provides access to top health professionals in the fields of massage, psychotherapy, and holistic medicine that can complement patients treatment regimen.


All patient information at A20labs is strictly confidential.


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