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StrainMan Review: “Gooooood evening! It's reassuring to meet care-givers who impart tons of respect to both their patients as well as the medicines they so carefully create. Tonight's post is a celebration of such in the *special* delivery/home care provider of A20labs. Serving the entire Colorado Front Range and Summit County area, I was fortunate to recently sample one of their most popular strains: the 'Coup de Grâce'.

When translated into English the name means 'blow of mercy' which is fitting given her creators spent years breeding her into THE perfect muscle/joint/chronic pain strain. Not exaggerating friends: these Fort Collins-based guys carefully, yet proudly came up with some of the best Nuggetry in this beauty.

As you can see, the THC content is through the roof in this blend of primarily Shishkaberry, Maui, and Blueberry genetics. The product is a 70% Sativa / 30% Indica fireball well in excess of 20% THC content. Sitting in the favorite chair after having just sample a few medium tokes from a trusty glass hitter, I was thinking how nice it would be spending the rest of existence feeling like this.

Now it's rare guilt strikes when cutting into a perfect cluster of 'medical-grade' nugs, but I cringed a bit taking the scissors to this immaculately-manicured gem:

Even before the subtle hashy-berry taste leaves the palette, her effects begin to quickly creep as a pervasive euphoria overtakes the body. I can clearly see why this is considered THE Strain-For-Pain because after some minutes my teeth were getting a bit numb! The high is intense, yet clear, warm, pleasant, and energizing; making this a great anytime-pain-diffuser with an uplifting, euphoric and chillaxin perma-grin sensation. And for these looow prices: WOOHOO!!! there will surely be some folks reaching for their phones after perusing the rest of A20's diggity menu.”
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Also Featured in MostHI Magazine:
Overall: Grade:  A -

Synopsis:  Go try this one, now.  You’ll want to tell someone someday that you were part of A20/Dr. Blaze’s awesome expiriment that shaped Colorado strains for the two-thousand teens!

Type:  Hybrid.  Sativa Heavy (Blueberry x Shishkaberry x Maui x ?) A20/Dr. Blaze confirmed a 4th but I can’t remember what it is, maybe a Haze. It has an 80/20 Sativa to Indica ratio.

Price: Check their website above (They are cheap)

Appearance:  Beautiful.  In plain sight it appears extremely white/light yellow.  These pictures show that there really is a good amount of orange hair throughout.  This strain will become very noticeable as it progresses and I have a feeling some folks will believe they are dealing with a “white” strain.

Aroma: A nice, strong aroma.  While it was familiar I was unable to pick out the individual characteristics of the crosses, confirming this really is its own strain and positioned to grow.

Taste:  The taste got me as an earthy piney taste when I was expecting a more fruity experience.  Excellent expansion.

Buzz Type:  Energy based Sativa buzz.  Very easy to work and stay motivated, not so easy to watch a movie or relax.

Buzz Length:  Long.  2 + hours

Pain Management:  (We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mixed.  It gave me medium relief that lasted a very long time, while I was with someone who had extreme leg pain and was unable to get their desired relief.

Overall:  This is a VERY interesting strain, one that I think has not quite reached its prime.  A20 has done a great job so far, simply seeing one of these buds will juice your thoughts.  It’s obvious they are on the right track, have picked an awesome combination of strains to cross, and most importantly, have a true medicinal focus for the outcome of the Coup de Grace.  In my very humble opinion, they just haven’t reached the finish line with this one (maybe a cross back to a blue for additional pain management?)


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MMJ in Colorado Review:   "Having a beer with Dr Blaze from Amendment 20 (A20) Labs was a cool experience, as it’s rare to find anyone as passionate and knowledgeable about their field as he is.  Seriously, it was a little intimidating listening to how rigorous their growing processes are (it’s a completely sterile environment and the only human contact they have while growing is watering that comes through the intermediary of a HAZMAT suit, otherwise it’s free of human contact and any infestations that can come along with it), especially as someone who just has a fairly haphazard and decidedly not sterile home grow going.  Anyway, the bottom line from my visit is that this guy means business and really knows his stuff — further, he’s very conscious of his price point despite the high-tech grow operation and offers everything at $45/$85/$160/$290 for A20 patients, which is pretty damn good for this level of quality and service.  They also offer programs for patients with certain diseases to participate in research, as they’re striving to craft strains specifically for certain ailments.

Anyway, this isn’t a dispensary review, but I thought it was worthwhile to detail A20 a bit, as they’re a unique in-home delivery service that covers essentially all of the front range and Summit County even though they’re based up in Ft. Collins.  Please see their very informative website that has full descriptions of all their strains (even growing info, which is rare for a dispensary website) for a more full description of their services and mission:

The strain that I got to review is their signature in-house development, Coup de Grace.  The strain is a 70% Sativa creation that was designed to maximize productivity and eliminate the mental fog that cannabis users often suffer from while still providing very quality pain relief.  It’s a multiple strain hybrid composed of Maui, Blueberry, and Shiskaberry lineage and is constantly being revised and refined by Dr. Blaze to improve its potency.  I took one look at the strain and knew this was going to be some serious medicine, as the trich coverage and overall care given to its lifecycle was apparent immediately, here’s the review:  Coup de Grace (Multiple strain 70% Sativa hybrid containing Maui, Blueberry, and Shiskaberry genetics), acquired from Amendment 20 Labs in late April 2010.

Appearance/Texture: As mentioned above the trich coverage and overall look of this strain is truly top-notch.  I gasped a little bit as I got a nice well-lit view of the immaculately-manicured ~1g nug I received.  Its beautiful thin Christmas tree shape, almost total lack of leaves, and frosty coat of trichs puts it among my favorite strains to photograph and stare at.  When I got it under the scope, it was clear that I was missing some purple notes with the naked eye, as there was a healthy collection of purple calyxes (mainly the outermost towards the top of the nug) and leaves that made for some pretty pictures.  The majority of the bud was a typical light Sativa green, and the miniscule remnants of leaves that I saw were a darker green.  I barely saw any pistils, but they were a typical fiery orange.  In all, the texture and manicure of this specimen is truly world-class, and there was so little waste that I could’ve just stuck the whole nug in a pipe if I had a bowl big enough to hold it all.  It was a shame to even grind up the sample to break it apart with my fingers, as it was spraying kief all over the place.  The bud was perfectly dried to my taste, where it doesn’t outright crumble into dust but is close, leading to a great value for the weight and a perfect and powerful burn.

Smell: The main smells were those of fruit, particularly citrus.  The strain isn’t overtly pungent in the jar (A20 has some of the nicer jars I’ve seen, by the way), but it does have a piney sharpness that comes out from time to time that cuts through the mix.  After the grind, it really opened up, as that smell probably doubled in potency and was joined by an interesting fennel/anise smell that reminded me a bit of an earthier, less candy-like Durban Poison.  I wasn’t blown away by the smell like I was by the appearance, but it was certainly nice.

Taste/Smoke/Vapor: I had a “tale of two bowls” thing going on with this strain, as the first one of my review produced little taste, with a faint yet pleasing fruity note that was hard to place (wasn’t particularly sweet like a Blueberry/Bubble Gum).  On the 2nd bowl (though a clean pipe rather than the Incredibowl), I got a more potent piney/earthy taste that I wasn’t expecting after the first bowl.  Neither taste was particularly strong, but both

were pleasing and I can see where both came from based on the smell, which is always interesting.  However, this strain really shined in the vaporizer, as it was not only long-lasting (it was finished on the 7th pull, which is definitely above average) but extremely tasty and consistent.  I got a very nice mango/pineapple taste that endured surprisingly through pull #4 (most strains only have the great taste on the first bag), finally subsiding a bit to that generic vaporizer taste.  I say mango/pineapple because it was sweet but had a nice hit of tartness that made the flavor more complex than something like an Island Sweet Skunk or a Blueberry, which are mostly sweet.  Either way, while I don’t normally prefer strains in the vaporizer for effect reasons, I would probably use the Volcano more than normal for this strain, as it was very pleasing overall (including the effects).

Effects: Along with the appearance, this was the area where I was very impressed with this strain.  The initial effects were among the best I’ve had potency-wise, as I was almost struggling to type (not mechanically, but rather I kept randomly stopping and focusing on words/ideas and taking twice as long as normal).  Overall, I felt that this was a nice hybrid high, as it had a very pleasing warm body and head feeling very quickly after ingestion that endured throughout the experience to go along with the aforementioned near-overwhelming head high.  The Sativa effects were definitely felt in the overall mental relaxation it fostered without making me sleepy or “couchlocked”, especially as the experience went on and the initial potency wore off a bit.  There was a very nice loosey-goosey feeling in my head and neck that encouraged me to stretch and relax even further.  I had done a good amount of yard work a few hours earlier and was dealing with my usual back tension/minor spasms as well as a tweaked shoulder from the work, and this strain truly did the trick for both.  I found myself completely relaxed and enjoying myself even though I knew I’d probably be feeling the pain later in the night and the following morning.  I did get a little tired eyes thing happening about 2 hours into the experience, but that dissipated somewhat quickly, leaving just that nice relaxed feeling for the rest of the high.

Duration: This was one of the better strains I’ve come across in that the initial powerful medicating seemed to last forever… I was what I would call “furiously high” for a solid hour after ingestion (normally that’s more in the 15-30 minute range).  The body high was a constant presence but the mental effects seemed to subside about 1.5 hours in, with the overall high leaving me a solid 3 hours after ingestion.

Verdict:  If you haven’t gotten a chance to try A20 Labs meds, do yourself a favor and place an order.  I haven’t seen any of their other strains, but given that they’re grown in the same facility and with the same level of care as this strain, I can’t see how anyone could be disappointed, especially at their price point.  The overall package of this Coup de Grace was one of the best I’ve come across, even though I was a little disappointed with the flavor’s assertiveness.  I almost cried cutting the nug apart to grind, as I could see trichs shooting off in all directions — it’s really that nice visually… the texture and the immaculate manicure just sealed the deal as a certified looker.  I look forward to Dr. Blaze’s continued revisions to this strain, as he’s striving to make it even more potent (it feels like a 20%ish THC level to me, it’s already very strong) — if he can dial up the taste as well, I’ll be in MMJ heaven with this strain, basically.