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- Commercial Quality Growing Systems:  Dual redundant and fault tolerant systems are used in all stages of plant growing for HVAC, lighting, CO2, and dehumidification systems ultimately ensuring that plants see a perfect growing environment.   As such, A20labs provides a consistent flow of medicine to it's patients at all times.
Clean Room Growing: All plants are grown in a custom sealed clean rooms that are virtually pest and disease free. This ensures highly consistent quality and potency.   No human hands ever touch a plant in it's production life-cycle.
Proprietary Lighting System:  A proprietary mix of lighting technology is used across the growth cycle to increase potency and ensure a gentle experience for patients who smoke.
Proprietary Nutrient System:  Computer controlled and highly tuned atmospheric conditions along with custom blended nutrients are used across the growth cycle to increase potency and expand the spectrum of psychotropic compounds produced in plants.   Nutrient cycles are matched to each plant strain to increase potency.
Organic Methodology:  It is virtually impossible to produce medical quality marijuana (high potency) that is 100% organic.   As such, A20labs endeavors to use organic production methodologies to the greatest extent possible.
- Potency Stressing: Most medicine is harvested as soon as the plant has reached maximum bud weight. Not at A20labs.  We use a proprietary technique to ‘stress’ the plant at the end of its bloom cycle to maximize THC and cannabinoid levels.   
- Growing Medium: All A20labs plants are grown in custom organic growing medium (in individual pots) and never in soil to improve taste and potency.
- Strain Heritage: A20labs mothers (from which all our medicine is grown) never have feminized seeds anywhere in their life cycle and thus do not have hermaphroditic tendencies under stress. This allows us to maximize the potency of the medicine you receive.
- Perfect Harvesting:  All product is harvested into a strictly controlled dark environment at 60% relative humidity with uniform air flow. This provides for slow drying as well as the removal of most of the bulk of water from the bud.   This ensures that our patients pay for medicine instead of water.   Product is then aged to provide the smoothest ingestion experience.  All trimming is done by hand to exacting medical standards – no leaf in A20labs bud,,,, not ever.
Excellent medical care starts with creating fundamentally better medicine.
A review of State-of-the-Art A20labs growing and production systems.
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