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Excellence in Medical Care
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For The "Connoisseur"
When Medical Marijuana Care is Part of Your Daily Life
Trimming Tray
A unique A20labs offering for the true connoisseur.   Never a single trichome lost!   Bud is prepared for smoking over a micro fine screen and loose trichomes  are collected on the slideable mirror below.  Use this 'keef" in a variety of applications to increase the power of an experiance.  Includes chop sticks and razor scissors.    Patient cost = $50/ Non Patient $60

Natural Lip Balm
The cells that bridge between the skin of the face and the surface of the lips are some of the most prone to cancer in the entire human body.    Thanks to the cancer fighting terpenes in our cannabinoid lip balm, patients recieve maximum protection and healing when exposed to the damaging rays of the sun.    Made from all natural ingrediants including bees wax, almond oil, and honey.     Available in 1oz and 1/2oz sizes.
                                Patient Price            Non Patient
         1 Oz Size                 $20                         $30
        .5 Oz Size                 $10                         $15
Mug Wart Tea
Patients who require the use of medical marijuana on an extended and frequent basis often experience a disruption in REM sleep cycles and thus experiance a reduction in the the quality of thier sleep cycle.   Mug Wart is a natural herb that compliments a patients treatment program supporting a quality REM sleep cycle even while under intesive treatment.  

Bees Wax Lighter Line
A simple vehical for avoiding the ingestion of residual butaine and noxious gases resulting from the use of modern lighters.   Enables a gentler smoking experiance.  9 feet.   Made from simple natural hemp and bees wax.  Patient cost $3.  Non-Patient $4
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