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Fully Rooted Clones
Only the Finest, To Feed Your Need For Growing
We take the sales of clones very seriously and only provide them under carefully controlled conditions.   Many people buy clones and end up with poor yields or crop failure especially with today's more exotic strains.  We want ALL our customers to have a PERFECT experience with growing A20labs clones.   Our clones are special.  Our clone prices are high and there are several good reasons.  
- The mothers that generate our clones are grown from seeds that come from the orginal developers of the strain.  Always.
- They are grown in commercial grade facilities (sealed clean rooms) in perfect and consistent environmental conditions,  pest free,  disease free, never touched by human hands.  
- Our mothers never have feminized seeds anywhere in their life cycle and thus, do not have unusual hermaphroditic tendencies under stress.    Stressing a plant at the end of it's bloom cycle is KEY to providing maximum cannibinoid and THC potency.
- All A20labs plants are grown in a custom organic growing medium (in individual pots) and never in soil.  
- All clones purchased include a sample of bud from the plants we grow at our commercial production facility. 
- All clones are 6" to 10" tall, are fully rooted in 4 inch square pots, and have been pruned early in their life-cycle for maximum yields in bloom.  
- A clone purchase includes a one-on-one in-home briefing from A20labs personnel on how to succeed in growing the particular strain.    The exact environmental conditions required to succeed with the clone in your grow environment are provided.  Suggestions on nutrient schedules are also provided.   
- Our clones are guaranteed - if a clone dies (this has never happened) we will provide a new clone free of charge - no questions asked.   If a clone provides poor yields we will provide you another plant free of charge (i.e., a second chance to get it right).

Clones must be ordered 3 weeks in advance and a transfer time for the clone to your possession must be scheduled 1 week in advance.    

Most A20labs strains: $50 per fully rooted plant.  Includes a replacement and statisfaction guarantee.  Think about it.   A single QUALITY plant will produce over $600 (2 OZ) in dry bud.   Nothing affects this outcome/performance more than the plant stock (genetics) you start with.    A20labs is the source you can trust.
Please send e-mail to to schedule your purchase and delivery or call 877-.536-2828.

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