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Medical Marijuana Strains
A Spectrum of Strains to Target Key Illnesses
Coupe de Grace:  Custom developed and tested by A20labs for over two years - our most popular strain.  Designed for daily management of chronic pain.   An uplifting and energizing strain.   Very highly reviewed. 70% sativa - 30% Indica. 
AK47:  The most award winning strain in history.  Four time Cannabis Cup award winner.  A long lasting alert but mellow cerebral effect with a THC content at over 20%.  Excellent for arthritis, melanoma, and moderate cancer patients.
Island Sweet Skunk:  BC Bud award winner and a world favorite.  Also a best seller.  A surprisingly relaxing and sedating effect for a mostely sativa based strain.  Effective for more common headaches, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, and mild stress.
Double Diesel:  Rare mix of the award winning NYC diesel and sour diesel.  Fairly strong and narcotic effect for the treatment of more debilitating illnesses like mid stage HIV.  Surprisingly effective for severe menstrual cramps.
God's Gift:  A rare strain that most people say (amazingly) lives up to it’s name.  25% indica / 75% sativa.  A warm and enveloping high without being weighed down.   Slow to take effect and an effective treatment for anxiety and depression.
Flo: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica with motivational high that is unique and indicative of Sativas.   Rated #1 at the 1996 Cannabis Cup by CC magazine.  Used for glaucoma and more mild symptoms of movement disorders or Fibromyalgia.
Big Bud:  Two time Cannabis Cup award winner.  Mostly indica.   A sweet and spicy flavor with a mellow long lasting effect on the body.    Excellent for patents experiencing more substantial joint/muscle pain and stomach trouble.
Grand Daddy Perp: A sweet grape aroma with enduring effects that are energetic rather than sedating.  A smooth body uplifting effect. Good for chemotherapy patients. Has won first prize in four major west coast medical marijuana competitions.
Nothern Lights #5:  Three time Cannabis Cup award winner.   Mostly indica.  One of the world’s most famous strains.  A gentle inhalation experience followed by a powerful physical effect.   Used to treat insomnia, stress, and late stage cancer.
OG Kush:  Coming Soon.
White Widow Max:  Coming Soon.
Blueberry:  Coming Soon.
Test Strain CG-06UN:  Coming Soon. Limited Availability
Afghani: - DISCONTINUED - A classic pure indica with a very strong narcotic (body) effect.   Excellent for the treatment of insomnia and stress.  Also may be valuable for the treatment of more substantial muscle spasms.
Diesel LowRyder: SUSPENDED - A Custom A20labs strain that is an exotic mix of NYCDiesel and LowRyder, 30% sativa - 70% indica.   Strong narcotic effect for use in treating nausea and neuropathic pain, also headaches/migraines.
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Note: A20labs has grown/tested over 60 different top strains. Only the very best
strains are reviewed below. Only the best of the best are offered to our patients.
Caution: The reviews presented below are sometimes strong/critical.