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Excellence in Medical Care
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History: Amendment 20 labs (A20labs) was launched in 2005 when the founder (now know as 'Dr. Blaze') experienced severe shoulder trauma (a climbing accident) which required major surgury and developed into chronic pain.   After experiancing the horrible long term side effects of traditional pain medication (like hydrocodone),  the next years were spent engineering new strains of medical marijuana that provided natural pain relief.  Other patients and friends drove these strains to be shared more widely within the MMJ community which eventually lead to founding the business you now know as A20labs.     A20labs is now the benchmark for strain research, providing world class quality product, and providing complete in-home care to Colorado MMJ patients.     Our success is a direct result of the happiness, success, and support of our patients.  

Our Passion: Each day we see bold proof of the power of medical marijuana.   Patients with Crohn’s disease, horrible migraines, chronic pain, glaucoma, AIDS, severe menstrual cramps, cancer, fibromyalgia, and epilepsy (to name only a few dibilitating diseases) receive gentle, natural, and safe relief from their symptoms.    Medical marijuana (MMJ) is by far the most powerful and gentle healing compound available in the world today.   The science of using medical marijuana is in its infancy.    Our life passion is to see MMJ mature as a science and to help people with crippling illnesses find new and greater happiness.


                       It is recommended that everyone watch the Movie "The Union"




                                      Also, watch the movie "In Pot We Trust"




Mission Statement:  A20labs is a safe and confidential in-home caregiver service that consistently provides best-in-class "wrap-around" services to medical marijuana patients in Colorado.  A20labs is also prowd to engineer radically new mmj strains to ensure our patients have cutting edge tools for improving thier health.  A20labs exclusively provides services under the legal requirements of the state of Colorado as well as the individual laws of the counties and cities in Colorado.   All products are produced in Colorado by A20labs at state-of-the-art facilities that are custom designed to ensure maximized potency and consistent quality/safety.  The A20labs business and funding model is designed to ensure patents receive ever evolving  services indicative of best-in-class health care providers for the entire duration of their medical needs.     We do not provide and never will provide a traditionaly dispensary storefront.  We only provide services to registered patients to whom we are official caregivers.    The number of patients we service is strictly controlled such that we can track the health and success of each patient.   A20labs also provides access to top health professionals in the fields of massage, psychotherapy, and holistic medicine that can complement a patients treatment regimen.  Our bottom line is: "Excellence in Medical Care".



The History of 'Dr Blaze':  While in school at Colorado State University the founder's passion for the MMJ field was growing and he became informally known within his circle of friends as having "a PhD in THC".     Some time after that a friend accidentally called him "Dr. Blaze" and the name stuck and proliferated.    Needless to say 'Dr. Blaze' is in NO WAY a medical doctor of any form and does NOT hold a PhD of any form.    However, 'Dr Blaze's' dedication to the field of MMJ has now resulted in him becoming renouned within the MMJ community.



Corporate Offices:


    Amendment 20 Laboratories LLC

    Phone: 877-536-2828



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