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Excellence in Medical Care
Cannabis contains dozen of complex compounds that effect a patients symptoms and health. As such, each strain of cannabis (and its unique mix of these compounds) has a different effect on human physiology. A core competency of A20labs is the development of new medical marijuana strains that more effectively target illnesses that are known to benefit from the use of MMJ. Another competency is developing inovative system for delivering these compounds to the body such that the psychotropic effects of cannabis are minimized. This is a time consuming process and costly process but, is key to evolving the science of MMJ. As such, we are looking for MMJ patients to participate in statistically controlled double blind studies of new cannabis strains and their effect on the symptoms of the following diseases:

Patients who participate will be required to provide in-depth medical history/records that clearly document the patients condition and treatment history. Participants will also be required to reliably and consistently provide ongoing assessments of effects/progress (in some cases over an extended period of time). While this is an extensive study, only a limited number of patients will be accepted into each analysis group.

To begin the process of being considered for participation in this program send email to and provide:

The results of this research is being published in papers available to the medical and medical marijuana communities with the hopes of improving the lives of MMJ patients globally. Should a study reveal a new strain that provides statistically significant improvements in treatment of a disease, A20labs will make the genetics of that strain available to the MMJ community.

All patient information at A20labs is strictly confidential.

A HUGE body of MMJ research is available at:
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