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Excellence in Medical Care
If you are seeking to obtain your Colorado State medical marijuana license A20labs will pay for your Colorado State license application fee ($90) AND provide free medication to introduce you to our product lines. A one year caregiver obligation is required for this special offer.

If you already have and Co State MMJ license, you will recieve 1/4 oz free for becoming an A20labs patient for one year.

A20labs has experts in the legal process of obtaining licensure in the the state of Colorado that can guide patients through the process smoothly and effeciently.

These are limited time offers and may expire when removed from this web site.
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- Customers that sign-on as an A20labs Patient for 1 Year recieve one free 1/8th when we recieve their NEW PATIENT DOCUMENT PACKAGE (this package consists of a completed and notorized CO State CHANGE-OF-CAREGIVER form with proof that it has been mailed into the state of CO, a clear photo copy of patients CO drivers license, a clear photo copy of the orginal CO State MMJ "PHYSICIAN CERTIFICATION" form that the customer mailed into the Co State Medical Marijuana Registry, a copy of Co State MMJ "APPLICATION FOR IDENTIFICATION CARD" that the customer sent to the Co State Medical Marijuana Registry to obtain an MMJ license, a completed "Patient Registration and Health History" document, and a completed "A20labs Primary Caregiver Assignment Agreement"), and recieve one free 1/8th on their 6 month anniversary as a patient.
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